Posted by: wpd | May 27, 2006

Burning CD and DVD Files on OS X

I’ve been in the Windows world too long. So when I wanted to backup a video project to a DVD I didn’t know where to start. In Windows I know my options but in OS X I sit looking at the screen wondering.

Ok, now the good stuff. You need to create a “Burn Folder”. Which can be used for both CD’s and DVD’s. To do this (I have a two button mouse) right click on the desktop and select “New Burn Folder”. It’s the second selection in the list. It was there before–REALLY!!!

Now just drag your files or folders to this folder to build your burn. Click burn and your done.
Here’s a link to Apple that tells about this feature. Look at the right had column for the info:



  1. You can also just insert your blank CD and then start dragging files into it, when you’re done, click “burn cd”. It comes in handy when you just want to quickly burn a few files on CD.

  2. Ah, yes. I tried this out Jim. Let me expand on what you have said.

    When you insert a CD or DVD a window pops up (simular to Windows XP). However, I have usually clicked “Ignore” for this window. But this time I kept the default selection “Open Finder”.

    After I did that the DVD appeared on my Desktop as a blank DVD titled “Untitled DVD”. Now I can do as you suggested and drag files to the DVD. Once I am done I need to go to that DVD in the finder and in the top right side of that window is the word “Burn”–click and be done with it.

    Thanks Jim! 😉

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