Posted by: wpd | June 1, 2006

MS Access and the End

I have used MS Access for almost all of my projects.  It's a good tool. However, MS Access is not available for Macs.  I'm not sure what to do now.  Do I Learn Rails and move to MySQL?  Some of you would say "WHAT@! You're not using it already?!"  My full time job keeps me MS Access.  to live, per chance to dream…

BTW: Anyone who thinks they can use the END and HOME keys on a Mac like they do in XP is seriously mistaken.  It goes the END of the document or the TOP of the document.  Sorta like "page up" and "page down".  Mr. Jobs really needs to give this another look. 

There is a hack but it didn't work for me. Seems strange that I have to hack my Mac to get this to work.



  1. Use MySQL because it will work on Windows, on your Mac, on Linux, on your server … well, pretty much everywhere. Oh, and it’s free too.

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