Posted by: wpd | June 19, 2006

A Month on a Mac

Well, I thought I'd give Apple a month to change me. I've exclusively used an Intel Mac for all of my Web programming, Desktop Publishing, Video needs. And here is what I found:

1. OS X Tiger has some really nice built in tools: PDF viewer called Preview (which also does other things), a REALLY handy exact screen capture, very nice integrated iLife and iWork software. Spotlight is great.

2. Downsides: XP is faster. no native GUI FTP support (you could use the terminal), no way to open MS Access Databases. NO support for my ProTools card yet. No dual monitors.

Conclusion: It's easier than XP! I thought XP was easy but I never knew until I forced myself to only use OS X. BTW: I've been using Vista and there's only a few things that "nice" but I'm not sure are necessary. I'll review that in a few weeks.

I'm Changed!

> Mac Mini's don't have dual monitor support. iMac and Mac Books do!
> FTP GUI support is included – Read Jim's comment
> So really that's makes the Mac darn near perfect!



  1. No GUI FTP support? OS X has great FTP support! It’s built right into the Finder. Just open the Finder, click Go > Connect to Server, enter your FTP details and that’s it. You can use your FTP server just like it was a folder on your local computer.

    Also, there are some wonderful 3rd party tools for (S)FTP on the Mac. There are the open source programs Fugu ( ) and CyberDuck ( ). There are also great commercial programs like Transit ( ).

    Also, all modern Macs support dual monitors (including the Macbook).

  2. Thanks for the info – I am toying with the idea of switching to a MacBook instead of my trusty Dell.

  3. Also, one area that I’m still trying to resolve is connecting my email to an Exchange server. I’ve had no issues with google or Webmail based email. It’s very strange.

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