Posted by: wpd | July 7, 2006

Image Editing Solution in Pages 2

One thing that doesn’t come with OS X as a standard is a paint program or an image editing program that allows copy/paste or layers. But I found a way around this. I really don’t want to download X11 then download GIMP.My Project: I have some Transformer videos on my TIVO that I’ve copied onto my Mac and now I’m ready to make a DVD. iDVD has a great template that I want to use but I need some pics. I found two pics that were perfect.


The challenge was to take these two pictures and make one. Soooo, I began to think…Pages 2 and a screen capture will do the trick!Pages 2 (actually, so does Keynote) offers some really nice image manipulation controls. So in Pages, I created a blank page and then dropped in my two pics. Then I created a square with transparent edges and then masked the Pic1 to the square (10x’s easier than Photoshop). To mask select the shape then, hold down shift, select the Pic1, then go up to Format and select mask.Next I re-sized the Pic1 and moved it on top of Pic2. So far so good.Now for some Apple magic–the screen capture! This isn’t any ‘ol print screen like XP , this is professional precision. I press Apple-Shift-4 and I get a cross-hair cursor. I click and drag (making a square) and instantly makes a PNG on the Desktop. DONE!

Transformers Small

Now I have my finished pic for my Transformers DVD. Thanks Apple.BTW: I was using an expired trial version of Pages 2 😉Blogged with Flock


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