Posted by: wpd | January 24, 2007

Phone calls from computers…Vonage…forward thinking

I was pondering today about the iPhone when a thought occured to me, “What is the next evolution for making a phone call.” Well as Apple pointed out it’s as simple as clicking on a link.

My prediction is that a VOIP provider, like Vonage, will be allow people to use their computer as a phone. You may be thinking that it’s already happening–Skype, VOIP discount and others. But that’s not what I mean.

What if I could tie my computer to my Vonage service so that it acted as another phone on my account. Then I could make phone calls just by clicking on a link or clicking my friends picture in my contacts–at the OS level. Intuitively. Just a thought.



  1. You’re correct. Creating a layer and adding a mouse-click event that tells the OS to dial a string of numbers (whether they’re an IP address of another computer or a telephony series of digits) is actually quite simple stuff to a novice programmer (think about it, voice recognition that comes in most cell phones is relatively harder than telling the OS to dial the number associated to a picture with a physical mouse click)
    But to the average consumer not aware of underlying technologies (aka. ‘behind the scenes’) they really would see this as an “evolution”.

  2. Yes, technology slowly evolves (hence “evolution”) into more advanced features. In this case, most of the underlying architecture is already there but has yet to be realized.

    It also could be that my idea is really a trivial step to something much better.

    The iPhone is a great example of this kind of blended layering and may offer a glimpse of ubiquity for centralizing communications.

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